Innovation management

Many companies struggle with innovation. Time and money is being spent, but the results fall behind. The necessity of change is apparent but the knowledge and experience is lacking to translate it into a solid approach. Let alone an effective organization that is able to progress and stay on course. The complexity of their own innovation processes seems stifling, while at the same time the speed of innovation in the world surrounding them seems to keep on accelerating.

The Cycle of Innovation

DOK 5 supports organizations in the different phases of innovation. We help them to get more results from innovation using the structured approach of the Cycle of Innovation. Together with our customers we develop their innovation strategy, setup effective innovation departments,  lead innovation programs, shrink the time to market for innovations and coach in corporate Рstartup collaborations.

Consultancy, interim management and workshops

DOK 5 offers consultancy, interim management, workshops & keynote presentations. How can we help you to be successful?

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