How to innovate within a 200 year old company?

How to innovate within a 200 year old company?

Is it possible to innovate within a 200 year old company? Jasper Baggerman, interim innovation manager with DOK 5 and untill recently manager of the innovation lab of Wolters Kluwer knows how it is. Why did the international publisher choose to set up a lab for innovation four years ago. And why did it stop? “An innovation lab is a typical tool for an organization that is exploring the different options for the future direction.”

What was Wolter Kluwer’s problem?

“Wolters Kluwer has been offering content to legal professionals for decades, even centuries. First with books and loose leaves with jurisprudence. Now via online content repositories. The customers pay a fee to access the content. And the hight of the fee is based on the amount of content you have access to. You basically subscribe to a online bookcase. But now a days more and more (free) alternative types of content surface. Why would professionals still need that whole bookcase?”

Good Question …

“Perhaps Wolters Kluwer should not sell bookcases anymore but explore alternative ways to add value. To investigate we started the innovation lab. A team of two fresh tech-savy guys and two Wolters Kluwer veterans…..

Read the entire interview in Boeiend – Digital Transformation Magazine (Dutch).


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